The fantail has for many years been the place where crew members have gathered to pay their last respects to a fallen shipmate. It is, therefore, fitting that we too set aside the fantail as that special place where we remember our fallen shipmates.

Elvin R. Belcher, MM, 51-, 31 March 2009 Obituary Found

David Hodgkins, RM2, 51-55, 18 December 2018, Obituary Found

Chester R. Boots, PN3, 62-64, March 1965, Reported by his Niece Angel Duwell through shipmate Eugene Blum

D.I. Bolding, S1/C, 44-46, 21 November 2018, Reported by his wife Eddie through shipmate Frank Chesla

Marion D. Malone, YN3, 51-57, 13 December 2018, Reported by Pat Kranack through shipmate Mike Pollack

Wayne Westover, 57-58, 9 December 2018, Reported by his nephew Dean Westover through shipmate Mike Pollack

B.J. (Bernie) Liskey, RM3, 51-55, 2 October 2018, Reported by his daughter Karen Finn through shipmate Mike Pollack

* Patrick J. O'Donnell, GM2, 45-46, 31 August 2018, Obituary found

* Edwin A. Classey, FN, 53-54, 12 August 2018, Reported by Greg Holland through shipmate Mike Pollack

* ** John Patrick McIntyre, GM3c, 44-46, 25 January 1986, Reported by Paul Parkosewich through shipmate Mike Pollack

* Thomas Liewert, BT2, 66-69, 09 August 2017, Reported by his wife Susan through shipmate Frank Chesla

*Included in 2018 Memorial Service

** Plankowner of USS Soley