The Older We Get...The Greater We Were!

This website is sponsored by the USS Soley Reunion Association. The Association is an informal, Not-for-Profit group operating without charter, by-laws or formal organization. The sole purpose of this group is to maintain contact among Soley sailors through this website, and periodic reunions.

This Website was created by Al Stiles with lots of help from Ivan Stiles and some very saavy friends. Without their efforts this website would not exist. Thanks to all involved, Well Done!

2021 Reunion Information

If you are planning to attend the mini Reunion, be sure to make your reservations with the resort and also send in your Reunion Registration form to Len Porter.

Hi everyone, Thursday, June 17, 2021 To: Shipmates and families Subject: 2021 Mini-Reunion Date: October 19, 20 & 21, 2021 Click here to open the pdf file and to be able to print the reunion information and registration forms.

Please copy the information file and registration sheet and send it to a shipmate that you know who may not have access to the web site or our facebook page. Thanks

Pictures of the USS Soley taken in the spring of 1946 have been added to the quarterdeck (click on Quarterdeck on left Navigation Panel). Photos shared by James Groome, grandson of Plankowner Ensign Bailey Groome. Picture include surrender signing by Japanes admiral in Kusaei, Underway photos and Pearl Harbor.

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