The Older We Get...The Greater We Were!

This website is sponsored by the USS Soley Reunion Association. The Association is an informal, Not-for-Profit group operating without charter, by-laws or formal organization. The sole purpose of this group is to maintain contact among Soley sailors through this website, newsletters and periodic reunions.

This Website was created by Al Stiles with lots of help from Ivan Stiles and some very saavy friends. Without their efforts this website would not exist. Thanks to all involved, Well Done!

The registration packet for the 2017 Soley Reunion is available for downloading. The Reunion is being held in North Myrtle Beach, SC May 7 thru 11.

Click here to download and print the 2017 Reunion Itinerary and Registration Package.

**PLEASE NOTE: Our reunion coordinator has an important note, please read. Click here for coordinators corner note.

The list of attendees for the 2017 Soley Reunion is growing, check here frequently to see who is currently registered.

Click here to view the list of shipmates registered to attend the 2017 Reunion.

On the quarterdeck you will find the Soley "SCOOP" subscription form.

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