The Older We Get...The Greater We Were!

This website is sponsored by the USS Soley Reunion Association. The Association is an informal, Not-for-Profit group operating without charter, by-laws or formal organization. The sole purpose of this group is to maintain contact among Soley sailors through this website, and periodic reunions.

This Website was created by Al Stiles with lots of help from Ivan Stiles and some very saavy friends. Without their efforts this website would not exist. Thanks to all involved, Well Done!

The 2023 USS Soley mini-Reunion was held from Tuesday October 17, 2023 to Friday October 20, 2023.

This reunion was in fact the last one that would be held.

With the small number of shipmates attending and the lack of activity and inquiries on the WEB site it was voted to no longer have any future reunions.
At the business meeting it was voted to shut down the web site around September 2024 when the renewals for the WEB site and the domain name are due.
The remaining monies in the Associations account would be donated to both the Tin Can Sailors Organization and for the preservation and upkeep fund for the USS Laffey in Charleston SC.

It was hard to say goodbye to our shipmates that were in attendance who have supported the Association for so many years.

The facebook page will remain as the primary communications tool for shipmates of the USS Soley.

Webmaster, Frank Chesla.

Web site last updated on: 25 December 2023

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